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Frequently Asked Questions

How does it work?

You can either fill out a simple and interactive questionnaire or go directly to “Mixer” and start mixing by yourself. You will pick the elements you want in your pill and we will create the combination you asked for in our laboratory. All the ingredients we use are perfectly safe and fully certified.

When it comes to cost, how does Mixturam stand against other supplements?

Look at how many different supplements you need to take to address different problems and how expensive these supplements are. Add that up and you will see that Mixturam makes perfect sense. You choose your daily pill yourself, there are no fillers, no additives, no artificial flavoring, just good pure herbs and vitamins.

Why should I want my own combination?

Supplements that you can buy in a pharmacy or in a drug store are created in order to fit the widest possible number of potential customers. However, everyone is unique and has different needs and you really know best what your body lacks. If you do not know, take the questionnaire and find out. You can get rid of a bunch of expensive supplements full of things you don’t really need and replace them with Mixturam.

With traditional supplements, you often pay for elements you don’t need and you repeatedly pay the producers and retailers and you always have to go back to the store when you run out. Custom combinations are also safer - with only one kind of supplement, we can easily make sure you are not taking too much of any ingredient or mixing ingredients that should not be mixed, that is something no mass-producer can offer.

Where and how should I mix my combination?

Go to “Mixer” and get going with just a few clicks. We try to make the mixing as intuitive as we can, so it should not be a problem.

What is the maximum number of elements in one combination?

We limit the number of elements you can add to a single pill to 6. That is about the amount where we believe the volume of the substance gets too small to have any real effect. If you want more than 6 elements, go ahead and make two different combinations.

Where do your ingredients come from?

We buy exclusively from European suppliers, that is something we are not willing to compromise about. Our experience shows that non-European suppliers tend to have issues with the consistency of the product they offer and therefore we choose to avoid them and rely on our trusted, high-quality partners. We are also toying with the idea of growing some of the ingredients ourselves.

Why do you manufacture the supplements yourself?

Quite a few reasons actually. Firstly, we like to know what we sell. We take pride in knowing step-by-step exactly how your supplement came to being. We can maintain the highest standards of quality - if we manufactured abroad, it would be really hard to control the quality of the product and we would pretty much need to take someone’s word for it. Last but not least, we believe in doing good where you come from. We believe that creating jobs for the community where we grew up is a duty of ours.

Can I name my own supplement?

Absolutely! In fact, you have to. Be creative!

What is the recommended daily dose?

The recommended daily dose is an amount suggested by the authorities for the daily consumption of a given substance by an adult. Our mixing algorithm will not allow you to go over this amount, we make sure you don’t take too much of any given ingredient.

Are the supplements suitable for children, pregnant women or people with allergies?

Our supplements are suitable for children aged 12 and older. As for allergies and pregnancies, watch out for the labels that appear under the pill in our mixing algorithm – if the combination is not suitable, that is where you will find out. Another easy way to control for allergies and intolerances is to use the Advisor.

Is it safe?

Absolutely. All of the ingredients are tested for micro organisms and heavy metals. We use a triple safety check for any formula you choose - firstly, you will not be allowed to mix anything that is not safe. We work alongside with doctors and other experts to make sure that our Mixer offers an unrivalled level of safety. Basically, we check for your allergies and dietary intolerances, we limit the maximum doses of certain elements per capsule and we will prevent certain combinations of ingredients. Once you make your choice, our in-house expert will go through it and check everything again. After that, we notify the health authorities responsible for enforcing the EU laws and codes who will get in touch with us in case something does not seem right. We have produced thousands of combinations and we never had a single problem. Your drug store, online store or pharmacy simply cannot offer you this kind of service.

How does the shipping work?

We use the Czech Post for all shipping at the time of writing. You should allow for about 10 days for your shipment to reach you, in addition to a week or so needed for the manufacturing process. We will email you a tracking number which you can check online, in English, on the Czech Post website. We are working on implementing further delivery options.

How can I pay?

We use a trusted and reliable partner to handle all of our financial transactions and pride ourselves at offering a wide variety of payment options, including your preferred local ones. Of course, you can always pay by all major credit cards or through a wire transfer within your country of residence.

Do you support any charities?

Not at the time of writing, but we are looking into it. We would soon like to offer a "donation-matching" service where we would match any amount you pledge up to 5 USD to your charity of choice during the check-out process. Stay tuned!

What if I am not happy with what I get?

In this rare and unusual event, get in touch. We will make sure you can return the supplements within 90 days and that you get credit for the value of pills you have not yet consumed.

I saw Mixturam annual plans being sold at my local health store/elsewhere. What is the deal?

We are working alongside small shops and smaller chains to help you see what you will be getting. Typically, you can see Mixturam on display at smaller, often owner-run stores. The price you pay for the annual plan there will be the exact same one you would pay for the annual plan on the website - we share the profit with the owner of the store because we think supporting the independent, non-corporate sector is a good thing. Mixturam is a small business and we want to help other ethical small businesses.

Ok, I bought a Mixturam annual plan card. What do I do?

Simply scratch to find the your unique code. Then enter this code during the checkout and that’s it.

What if I have serious or chronic medical conditions?

Our experts might provide you with general guidance if you email us, but this should definitely not be seen as an approval or recommendation. Go talk to your doctor, they are the ones who are intimately familiar with your health, your current state and the medication your are taking. We try to publish the answers we send to our customers (no names, of course) on our blog, so you might be able to find some valuable advice there as well. Overall though, talk to your doctor.

Are you fair trade/bio/vegan/kosher/halal/organic certified?

No, we are not and we do not intend to become certified. We believe in being good people and fulfilling our promises. We do not believe in the power of certification and we do not want to support the bio/vegan/organic certifying business machine. Look up any such certifying organization and you will realize why. We do not want to buy your trust by purchasing a sticker to put on the site. We want to earn it by fulfilling our promises and being fair. We do our best to support local businesses and work with ethical suppliers.