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About US


We provide unique solution for everybody.

We use only natural high quality ingredients.

We run an ethical and socially responsible business.


Our small European-based business was founded as a response to the mass-produced, unified supplements. Every customer is different and a single product can’t satisfy all of them. We came up with the idea of creating our own dietary supplements a couple of years ago, when we realized there was no product that would fit our needs perfectly. We saw the potential for human development with a peak yet to be scaled.

Having innovative idea and adventurous nature, we set a task to become a global leader in premium custom supplements that would suit customer´s needs without compromises. No additives, no artificial colorants, no thickeners, no polishes, no preservatives, and “what-the- heck-is-that” surprises on the label.

After operating in the Czech Republic for 6 months, we decided to take Mixturam global and began selling all over the world. Finally, in May 2015 Mixturam arrived to the United Kingdom.


We gathered a team of food scientists and engineers, locked them up in a lab, and had them figure it out. As a result they built something that can only be described as beautiful. Their hard work was worth it because our technological process was born.

We are proud to be the first European producer and distributor of premium custom dietary supplements. The products are made in our own lab located in the Czech Republic, what is more, we only cooperate with suppliers in Europe to get our bottles, boxes, ingredients and herbs.


Our mission is to provide premium products for conscious customers and give them the opportunity to create their own dietary supplements, which are fully customized, purely natural and freshly produced. Choose your ingredients, personalize your bottle and wait for your special product comfortably at home.

Tomáš Valenta & Jan Kolařík