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Common Sea-Buckthorn

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Sea-buckthorn dietary supplement comes from a sparse bush of up to 6 metres in height that originates in Russia and that is known in Siberia as the “Siberian miracle” or the “lemon tree of the north”. Its effects are known throughout the world. It is eaten as food, but it is used mostly for its effects on health. It helps the natural defence mechanisms of the body and promotes the immune system. It helps keep skin healthy and contributes towards the mucosa-associated functioning of the eyes, vagina and mouth. It also helps keep the epidermis healthy from the inside. Sea-buckthorn has an effect on cardiovascular health and is usually used as a means of boosting the heart system. Its effects on digestion are also well documented – it improves the activity of the intestinal tract and promotes the metabolism. Sea-buckthorn also helps keep the prostate healthy. It is involved in ensuring that the bladder works well and urine flows and aids the normal functioning of the prostate. Sea-buckthorn is a natural source of vitamin C and has a positive effect on increasing the body’s resistance to the effect of external micro-organisms, helping boost the natural defence mechanism. It improves osmotic pressure and the overall condition of the organism and indeed appetite. It helps eliminate weakness and strengthens the body, helps calm the organism and brings about a sense of peace. Sea-buckthorn also reduces anxiety and stress and promotes sound sleep.

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