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Psyllium dietary supplement has an influence on the regularity of bowel movements and brings about a feeling of fullness. It helps control the level of cholesterol in the blood. The substance is used as a fibre supplement in cases of constipation. It absorbs water in the gut, increasing its size in the process. This in turn increases the size of stools and initiates contractions of the intestinal musculature. The enlarged stool then stalls when moving through the digestive tract/helps remove substances stuck to the walls. This helps clear out the digestive tract. Psyllium is an ideal supplement that is able to increase the intake of missing fibre. It also has an influence on the appetite. When taken on an empty stomach, it brings about a feeling of fullness, which is ideal on a diet. No interaction with other medicines or herbs has been identified, neither have any side effects during regular use. People with asthma, however, should take care. An allergic reaction to ribwort might occur in certain cases.

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