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Lecithin dietary supplement is a natural substance that is, among other, found in soya beans. It is found in all cells of the human body and is involved in important life-sustaining processes. It is a good source of acetylcholine, the substances having an influence on the optimum functioning of brain activity and memory. It contains essential fatty acids. It breaks down cholesterol and has a positive effect on the optimum level of cholesterol in the blood thanks to its lineolic acid content. Lecithin has a positive influence on the normal level of blood pressure and on normal regeneration abilities. It acts positively on the normal mobility of the organism and is popular among sportsmen and women because of its positive influence on normal regeneration functions (for example, following physically demanding activities) and on the optimum functioning of the metabolism. It also has an excellent reputation as “food for the brain”, acting positively on the optimum functioning of memory, brain activity and the ability to learn. The main ingredient in lecithin, choline, is converted into acetylcholine in the body. This substance influences the normal transmission of nerve impulses, but decreases as we get older. Lecithin can therefore be used by older people and when used long-term has an influence on the normal functioning of short-term memory, concentration and attentiveness. Longer-term use of lecithin has a beneficial effect on optimum hair growth.

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