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Kola Nut

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Kola nut dietary supplement is the fruit of the kola, an evergreen tree that is found in tropical regions almost all over the world. The high caffeine content is used as a means of staving off fatigue and hunger. It contains 74 % saccharides, 9 % proteins, 2 % fibre and 2–3 % caffeine. Kola promotes slimming, helps maintain body weight at the optimum level and helps absorb fats. It provides the body with energy and is ideal at times of greater physical or mental stress. It also helps maintain normal mental and physical abilities. Kola supports energy alertness and has stimulating and boosting properties that contribute towards resistance to mental and physical fatigue. The influence of caffeine on the digestive apparatus means that it is not recommended for people susceptible to heartburn, stomach ulcers or duodenal ulcers. Neither is it recommended during pregnancy.

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