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As a dietary supplement, inositol, also known as vitamin B8 (sometimes B9), acts on the optimum wholeness of cell membranes. The human body is unable to produce this substance in sufficient quantity and must therefore get it from outside. It is, together with lipids, part of the walls of liver cells, also having a role in the brain, heart and reproductive organs. It plays a part in transporting fatty acids and cholesterol and when used regularly has a positive influence on the metabolism of these substances. Together with lecithin it also has a positive influence on normal brain activity and muscles. Positive antioxidant effects have also been observed (protecting the organism from the effect of free radicals). It plays a role in sustaining brain cells and has an influence on the normal production and growth of hair and on the normal condition of the skin and epidermis. It is not recommended for small children, pregnant women, women who are breastfeeding and people suffering from kidney and liver diseases. Some people might suffer an allergic reaction to using inositol. You should consult a doctor about whether to use it or not.

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