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Ginseng dietary supplement is the best-known exotic herb. In fact, it is often attributed with even magical properties. It is sold throughout the world as a dietary supplement. The plant has a large underground root part that is usually divided into two umbelliferous roots that are sometimes reminiscent of the human body. Ginseng contributes towards the natural defence mechanism and the proper functioning of the immune system, promoting the immune system. It helps promote alertness and has a positive effect on vitality and on fatigue. If ginseng is used in combination with ginkgo biloba, it also promotes cognitive functions and helps keep you in shape. Ginseng promotes memory and helps keep blood circulation normal and in turn the performance and reactivity of the brain. It helps maintain physical and mental abilities at times of weakness, exhaustion, fatigue and loss of concentration. It is also involved in the normal metabolism of glucose and insulin and helps maintain normal glucose levels in the blood. It also has an influence on sexual health. Ginseng has anti-oxidative properties and helps protect cells.

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