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Ginger Root Extract

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Ginger dietary supplement helps maintain the optimum functioning of the upper respiratory tracts, helps make bronchial secretion more effective and protects the respiratory tract membrane. Maintains the respiratory tracts in optimum immunity equilibrium. Can also help the body supply itself with energy and is ideal to use in cases of fatigue (it has stimulating and strengthening properties). Ginger has a positive effect when you feel nauseous and sick, in cases of travel sickness or sea sickness or when travelling by plane. If helps digestive functioning, the normal functioning of the intestinal tract and normal stomach functioning. Ginger helps normal artery functioning. It also contributes towards the optimum functioning of the immune system and the body’s defence mechanism. Ginger can also help the body cope with inflammatory reactions. It is one of the richest natural sources of proteolytic enzymes (for example, zingibain), which have anti-inflammatory effects. It contains more than 12 anti-oxidants and anti-virus substances. Ginger is unsuitable for diabetics, people with long-term illnesses and young children.

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