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Flaxseed/linseed dietary supplement is an excellent source of omega-3 fatty acids and fibre. These ingredients are important and work to keep you healthy. They are also the richest source of lignans. Linseeds help keep weight under control by reducing the feeling of hunger and increasing the feeling of fullness. They help the normal functioning of the prostate and intestines. They also play a role during menopause. Linseeds are ideal to ensure a healthy stomach and digestive system. They help maintain normal body weight, normal functioning of the bladder and the flow of urine. Linseeds also increase the size of stools and promote intestinal peristalsis. The lignans present in linseeds can promote the normal functioning of the prostate in ageing men and can protect and promote the normal condition of breast tissue in ageing women. The lignans found in linseeds also have estrogenic properties and can therefore be useful when maintaining normal health during menopause. They also help maintain the normal functioning of the intestines and help keep bowel movements regular.

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