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Calcium – Magnesium

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Calcium and magnesium dietary supplements provide the organism with mineral substances that are essential to it. They occurs naturally in vegetables, meat and dairy products, among other. They are important for the healthy development of teeth and bones, proper heart activity and blood circulation, the nervous system and the musculature. Magnesium helps reduce fatigue and exhaustion, helps electrolytic equilibrium and normal energy metabolism. It helps the nervous system function properly, the muscles and protein synthesis. Helps keep mental activity normal and keeps bones and teeth in normal condition. It also helps the cell separation process. Calcium helps keep blood clotting normal and helps the energy metabolism, muscle activity and the functioning of nerve transmission. It plays a part in the process of cell separation and differentiation and is needed to keep bones and teeth in normal condition. Phosphorous influences the functioning of cell membranes and the energy metabolism and keeps bones and teeth healthy in the case of an intake of 15 % of the DV.

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