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Brown Rice Protein

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Rice protein dietary supplement is made of organic whole brown rice without the chemical additives or sulphites that are commonly used in the production process. It is rich in fibre and selenium and when used regularly it provides the body with energy, helps maintain weight at the optimum level and builds and maintains muscle mass. It also has a positive effect on high blood pressure and atherosclerosis. Rice protein contains all 9 essential amino acids which the human body is unable to produce itself, but which are nevertheless required to form muscle tissue, hormones and enzymes. It is a complete source of proteins, also ideal for vegans, vegetarians and all those who are allergic to milk, soya, wheat, gluten and eggs and who cannot therefore take these important substances from them. Rice protein is also an effective anti-oxidant. Research has shown good results can be achieved by combining more than one type of easily-digestible proteins, such as pea and rice protein. Rice protein does not contain any artificial flavours or sweeteners, lactose, cholesterol, gluten or corn.Slimming with rice protein
The thermic effect, when the proteins in rice protein heat the body more than other food during digestion in the stomach, means that they require more energy for digestion. The body therefore burns more calories, which affects body weight when taken regularly. Rice protein is absorbed more slowly and this intensifies the whole process. It is therefore an ideal source of proteins for sportsmen and women.

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