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Activated Barley

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Activated barley dietary supplement is a slow-burning saccharide that provides the human body energy and endurance. Activation allows the grains of barley to begin the germination process, but only the very beginning of that process. The resulting substance has powerful energy and immunomodulation potential. Activated barley influences osmotic pressure and helps the organism function normally. It improves taste and appetite. It also helps reduce fatigue and is able to boost the body. It helps the liver and gall bladder function properly and contributes towards the normal secretion of bile. Activated barley helps make sure the epidermis remains in normal condition. When taken regularly, activated barley influences the level of beta-glucans, polysaccharides that nourish and stimulate important cells in the immune system (for example, lymphocytes, leukocytes, microphages). A sufficient amount of beta-glucans in the body speeds up the natural regeneration of cells, reduces the time required to regenerate the organism following illness, slows down the ageing process and helps the self-cleansing process (removing harmful and undesirable substances from the body). Beta-glucans have a favourable effect when the organism is generally tired, during stressful situations and on chills and infections.

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