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Why Mixturam?


Each person is different. Why should be all using the same unified dietary supplements?


Use our Advisor and let us know about our allergies and intolerances. Our algorithm will leave those ingredients that may not be suitable for you.

Great gift

Put a unique title on the product bottle. All the customization options make Mixturam an incredibly original gift.
  • Be in charge – make your own unique formula
  • No additives, no preservatives, nothing you don’t ask for
  • Name your own product, be creative
  • Everything you need in one pill

Stop paying for multiple products...

...none of which perfectly meet your needs. Choose from our premium quality ingredients and make your own formula. We produce the supplements ourselves in our own facility and control every step of the production process to guarantee the best quality.

Safer than pharmacy? Yes!

By letting us know of your allergies and intolerances, you are helping us suggest the right ingredients. By using a single product, you avoid all unwanted interactions between the ingredients (our algorithm and in-house experts make sure of that).

How does mixturam work?

Our Benefits

We are a pioneer in tailored vitamins

Mixturam brings revolution to the food supplements industry. You get exactly what you want, in premium quality.

Create your own mix

Everyone is different and has different needs. With Mixturam you can mix unique combinations that you will not get in a shop.

Don’t worry, we will advice you.

If you are not sure what you need, we are here to advise you. Just go through Get Advise or shoot us a message. We are ready to help you.

No risk of overdose or contraindications

Our experts and smart web algorithm control that substances do not exceed the maximum daily dosage. By using Get Advise tool you can also filter your allergies and food intolerances.

All substances are safe and tested!

We offer only premium substances from producers and suppliers based in Europe.

Name your own Mix

You can name your own Mix and we print it on the label. Give your grandma a nice gift!

You only pay for what you get

With Mixturam, you get only the ingredients you want mixed in transparent gelatine or vegan based capsule. No artificial colorants, no chemical polishes, no anticaking agents, no other chemical stuff used in common tablets production.

90 days money back guarantee

If you do not like what you get, we offer you 90 days money back guarantee.

Save money and time with Mixturam solution

With Mixturam customized supplement you can combine into one Mix more ingredients you usually buy separately. Safe your time and money!